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We must all vigorously pursue equality and stand by each other.

Stand up against hate and help end abuse!

Support our advocacy at African American Wellness Center for Children & Families as we empower various San Diego, California, communities. We are a nonprofit organization that aims to prevent child abuse and stop racial and social injustice experienced by African Americans and other people of color. Please schedule an appointment with us to learn more details.

Our Mission

To create a world where African American families and other underserved people can reach their highest potential and wellbeing.


Coming soon

Call to Action:

  • Driving equity
  • Integrate Social Determinants in Anti-Racist Policies and Define Success Metrics
  • Target Investments and Fund Enhancements to Reduce Disparities
  • Ensure Sufficient Funding for Services and Programs Supporting Black People Experiencing Homelessness
  • Child Welfare Reform
  • Increase Income Through Employment and Educational Opportunities
  • Enact and Enforce Fair Housing Laws
  • Regulate Evictions and Introduce Legislation to Prevent Evictions
  • Re-Introduce Rent Control
  • Limit the Scope of Background Check for Ex-Offenders
  • Expand Eligibility for Housing Vouchers

“Power concedes nothing without a demand. it never has and it never will”

-Fredrick Douglas

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